Wine is a passion, lifestyle, joy of life!

TiM S.A. is the part of the international Schloss Wachenheim AG Group. Due to operational synergy and coopertion within the international group, TiM S.A. has been able to offer the best wine range from the best vineyards worldwide. The Company has always believed in modern technological solutions and offered the products of unique quality, therefore it has been able to develop its own brands tailor-made according to our customers’ needs.

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Photo: Catalogs 2017

Catalogs 2017

New catalogs now available for download!

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Good to know

  • Wine

    Wine - magic captured in the bottle.
    Those who invested all their passion and heart in nursing the vine cuttings, know well how beautiful they are when growing mature and what pleasure it delivers to enjoy the fine wine they gave birth to.

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  • Beer

    The word 'beer' (in Polish 'piwo') originates from the Proto-Slavic word meaning 'a drink' or 'a beverage'. Over the years its original meaning had narrowed into the genre of drink obtained from malt, hops, yeast and water fermentation.

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